Harry Potter - Riddle Family Tomb Sculpture

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The Riddle Family Grave, with its sinister-looking Angel of Death statue, was seen in the Goblet of Fire, when Harry Potter encounters Lord Voldermort in his newly restored physical form. Located in the cemetery at Little Hangleton, the grave marked the final resting place of Thomas Riddle, his Wife Mary and their Son Tom Riddle Snr. All murdered on the same day by their vengeful grandson and son respectively, Tom Marvolo Riddle, who would later become He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

The Production Designers for the movie where inspired by real-world graves and tombstones in London’s HIghgate Cemetery, but added a macabre twist to the design that was more befitting to its dark past and its inhabitants pivotal, if unintended, role in the creation of the Dark Lord. A full size 1:1 scale prop was built for the production and this piece replicates that prop in exacting detail.

Cast in heavyweight polystone with metal fittings, each statue measures an imposing 11”x11"x7” and features a set of interchangeable hands & scythes so that it can be displayed in either;
In its original position with the scythe raised in one hand
Or its enchanted position with the scythe held across the body in two hands.

Supplied in a full color box. Each piece will be individually hand numbered.


  • Length 11"
  • Width 11"
  • Height 7"
  • Weight 4"